MFJ Switching Power Supply: Model MFJ-4225MV, 25 Amp. With adjustable voltage. This is a 10-10 item. $60.00 plus shipping and insurance.
MFJ Switching Power Supply: Model 4245MV, 40 Amp. With adjustable voltage. This is a 10-10 item. $110.00 plus shipping and insurance.
Alinco Regulated Power Supply: Model DM340MV, 35 Amp. With adjustable Voltage. Excellent heavy duty power supply. $150.00 plus shipping and insurance. Due to weight, this could cost $100.00 to ship.
NPC Power Supply: Model 108RA, 12 Amp, 13.6 VDC Regulated. Two of these are available and will make a fine bench test power supply or for use with VHF/UHF mobile rigs as a base. $35.00 ea. plus shipping and insurance.
Astron Power Supply: Model SL-10, 10 Amp. 13.8 VDC. This was used in the workshop and the cosmetics is about a 5, but electrical it is a 10. I tested this extensively over the past two months. $20.00 Plus shipping.
Yaesu CT-118 band data cable NEW.

Yaesu Band Data Interface Cables are used to make interconnections between specific Yaesu transceivers and the Yaesu Quadra System HF/50 MHz Amplifier.

Key Features/Specifications:

    For use between Yaesu transceivers and the Quadra linear amplifier system
    FT-450 / FT-950 / FTdx1200

Price: $20.00 Plus shipping.
TAKE ALL 3 FOR $150.00 OBO, plus shipping.
1. Icom HM-118TN DTMF Microphone 8pin for IC-706/706MKIIG/208/2200H/2100H/2800H/V8000.
Price: $15.00 Plus shipping.
  1. Kenwood Control Cable PG-4M for TS-50 to AT-50
Price: $20.00 Plus shipping.
3. Icom MB-62 Mobile Mounting Bracket for IC-7000/7100/706 series.
Price: $25.00 Plus shipping.
  1. Kenwood MB-13 Quick Release Bracket
Price: $40.00 OBO, Plus shipping
5. Kenwood MB-430 Mounting Bracket for TS-430/440/670/TSO590S. Two available.
Price: $30.00 OBO, plus shipping.
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ICOM IC-7000 All band All mode: HF+6m/ VHF & UHF: .03 - 199MHz. Receive; 503 Alpha Memories; RIT; Preamp/Attenuator; VFO A/B; 1Hz Display; Digital IF; Twin PBT; S/RF/SWR Meter; 100 Watts HF+6m; 50 Watts 2m & 35 Watts 440. (has low output on 440 all other bands full output). Was installed mobile for a while, but used very little. Includes: HM-151 Remote Control Mic., MB-105 Mobile Mounting Bracket, DC PWR Cord and Manual.

The LDG AT-7000 is is the ideal tuner for your IC-7000. First, it matches up to 10:1 SWR (3:1 on 6 meters), so just about anything you can feed with coax is good to go. And, it has 2,000 (not a typo; that's 2,000!) memories, enough for every Dxpedition, RTTY spot and radio buddy you've got, and then some. Just hit the tune button on the radio, and your AT-7000 will set tuner parameters in less than a second if you've been there before. If not, it kicks off a full tuning cycle that will be over in about 3 seconds. Don't need the tuner just now? Then just tap the Tune button briefly, and the tuner goes into bypass. Press it again to bring the tuner back on line -- it's just that simple.
0.1 to 125 watt power range (SSB and CW), 100W on 6M, Power rating 6M (50 to 54 MHz): 100 watts, Compatible with: 7000, 706 (all), 703, 718, 746 and 756 (all). Ready to use with included Icom interface cable.
IC-7000 & AT-7000
Package Deal! Will not seperate.
$580.00 + Shipping