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Icom IC-7600 160 thru 6 meters, 100 watts. This is a 9.99 cosmetically and electronically. Would be a 10 if new. Tested on 12/21/20. Comes with manuals; hand mic; PWR cord and spare fuses. Price: $1,280.00 plus shipping/ins.
Kenwood TS-570DG HF, 100 watts, hand mic, PWR cord and data cable. Another 9.99 out of 10! Tested on all bands W/100 watts out. 12/21/20. Price: $500.00 buyer pays shipping and insurance.
TYT Duel Band Mini Mobile, TH-8600 25 watt. Like new, purchased 12/2019. Comes with mobile bracket and PWR cord. No program Cable, manual or box. Tested 12/20/20. Price: $115.00 plus shipping and insurance.
Kenwood TS-50S HF, 100 watts all mode transceiver, 1.9 - 28 MHz. With AT-50 Automatic Antenna Tuner. Manuals for both are available on the Internet. Hand mic and PWR cord provided. Also comes with a stacking quick release mounting bracket. Price: $550.00 plus shipping and insurance.
Yaesu FT-7800 VHF/UHF 50 watts VHF and 40 watts UHF. CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode. Over 100 memories, w/mobile bracket, MH-48 hand mic. Price: $175.00 plus shipping.
Kenwood MC-60A Microphone.
Price: $110.00 plus shipping
Kenwood Automatic Antenna Tuner MAT - 100 Great for marine applications also. Comes with cables. PWR cable wired for use with a TS-50S, was part of an emergency "Go Kit." Price: $125.00 plus $25.00 for packaging and shipping.
Icom SP-21 Speaker 9.6/10
$100.00 plus shipping.
MFJ - 655B Microphone Equalizer/Conditioner with VU meter.
Like New. Price: $190.00 shipped.
1970's vintage Icom IC-21A, VHF transceiver 144-148MHz. Powered by 120 VAC or 12 VDC. Power output 1-10 watts. Unit is crystal controlled, however comes with the Icom outboard digital VFO, DV-21. Both units tested 12/22/20; the IC-21A has excellent receive and full power output. The DV-21 controls the main radio for transmit and receive, however a few of the buttons do not make contact when pushed. May just need cleaning. I am asking $200.00 plus shipping. I have another one without the VFO; same condition, for $150.00 plus shipping.
HEIL PR-781 Studio Microphone.
Like New! $165.00 + $15.00 for shipping/ins.
Heath Kit HW-30 TWOER 2M (AM) TRANSCEIVER. Looks Good! Will PWR UP, unable to transmit or receive, not sure of frequency. $20.00 plus shipping.
Hallicrafters Shortwave AM/CW receiver, Model: S-53A. Tested on 12/23/20 on band A. Did not have outside antenna for other bands. Price: $70.00 plus shipping/ins.
Collins VFO Station Console Model 312 B-5. 200/2000 watt power/SWR meter, Phone Patch w/speaker. Price: $750.00 shipped.
TEMPO ONE HF SSB/CW/AM Ham Radio Transceiver. Complete with power supply, power cable, hand mic. Condition Used; will load up in tune on 80 & 20 meters w/output of 125 watts on a dummy load. Receive is good, but week on some bands, plus potts and switches are noisy, needs cleaning. Retubing and some cleaning is in order. Price:$185.00 plus shipping.
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WOUXUN U.V Dual Band Multifunctional Two-way Radio. Model: KG-UV3D
WORK MODE: U-V, V-U, U-U, V-V Can be set freely. DTMF Encoding Function,CTCSS/DCS SCAN. Price: $75.00 Plus shipping/Ins.
Welcome to the evolutionary world of DMR Radio! TYT MD-UC380 HT. Like new in the box. Frequency 136 - 174 & 400 - 480MhZ. 5W (H) <1W (L) FM and Digital Modes. Price: $80.00 plus shipping/ins.
QUANTUN Professional Two Way Radio DMR Model: QP-2100 Freq 136 - 174MHz 450 - 512MHz. Power: VHF 5W (H) 1W (L) UHF 4W (H) 1W (L).GPS and Text Send and Receive. Price: $110.00 plus shipping.