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Collins KWM2-A Transceiver w/Power supply. Excellent receive and stability after short warm-up period. Rated Output SSB/CW 100 watts, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands. This one was tested 01/07/2021 on dummy load and power out would exceed 125 watts. Reduced power to 100 watts and tested on 40 meter band; received 5x9/+10 reports with comments of excellent audio using a D-104 mic.

Price: $1,400.00 plus shipping; prefer local pick-up due to the weight of the power supply which will require separate shipping.

Willing to travel 100 miles from my QTH.
Hallicrafters 2m Transverter model HA-2 SSB/FM/AM/CW. 60 watts PEP on SSB, CW, FM, and 15 watts AM. Convert any 10 meter transmitter/transceiver for use on 2 meters. This unit requires an external power supply model P-26. This unit cosmetically is very good, but the unit has not been tested. Price:$110.00 OBO. plus shipping. This unit is 23 lbs. shipping will be a little high.
Make your Collins Line station complete with this rare DL-1 100 watt dummy load. The Collins DL-1 Dummy Load is a resistive load which can be used for various tuning functions without putting the transmitter on the air. The DL-1 can be switched in and out of the circuit by a front panel switch or can be remotely controlled by the addition of another switch in the operating position. This unit reduces tune-up and testing QRM and requires no connecting or disconnecting of wires prior to operation. Weight is 2 lbs. 14 oz. Fair condition cosmetically on the outside; did not remove from case.
Price: $90.00 plus shipping.
HALLICRAFTERS SR-2000 The transceiver and amplifier in one case.
 Covers 80 to 10 meter, input power 1000 to 2000 watts P.E.P. SSB (500 watts to 1000 watts output) and 900 watts input on CW [500 watts output], features includes VOX, MOX, PTT, AALC, product detector, crystal lattice filter, break-in CW keying, CW side-tone, crystal calibrator, full metering, noise blanker, RIT, two speed cooling fan, the power supply P-2000 is a separate unit and contains the speaker and the final amplifier plate voltage and current meters. Tested using a dummy load and over the air on 80 meters and 40 meters.

Cosmetics of the outer case of this 50+ year old SR-2000 is a 7, however the face plate is a 9. The power supply, P-2000 outer case is a 7 and the face plate is 7.5.

Operationally, both units are rated at 7/8. SR-2000 has an output of 800-900 watts in USB/LSB. The unit does have a metering problem when tuning, screen current of the finals (8122) will not read on the meter. Following the loading procedures provided by K9AXN at k9axn.com, will result in correct output. The P-2000 is wired for 115 volts and can be changed over to 240 volts, plate voltages readings are: Low Power 1.5KV vice 1.7KV. : High Power 2.2KV vice 2.7KV. It is possible the meters in this 50+ year old power supply may be inaccurate.

Price: $2,800.00. P-2000 included. Local pickup only at my QTH due to the weight of the P-2000 of 61 pounds. There is also a parts SR-2000 w/finals, and P-2000 (no HV ) available (see picture below) for an additional $1200.00.
The working SR-2000/P-2000
Parts SR-2000